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About Us

Adorlla Jewelry

Adorlla was founded in 2012, is a company dedicated to providing fashion custom jewelry. So far, our professional team has designed thousands of personalised jewelry, The concept of each design is to put best wishes to loved ones in jewelry. Because of this, jewelry from Adorlla are meaningful and charming. Adorlla team: After 8 years of development, Adorlla absolutely has become a professional custom jewelry company, we have a professional designer team, marketing team, customer service team, production plant. The factory will quickly arrange skilled workers to produce the product after the customer placed the order, then the quality inspection personnel will check the quality of the product when the product is made, only the high-quality product will be delivered to the customer by the courier company. Adorlla hopes that all our customers will enjoying the jewelry we design.

How Adorlla Works

Huge Saving

Because you are buying directly from the manufacturer, you are bypassing the added costs associated with the various stages it traditionally takes for a product to reach the customers.

Adorlla Manufaturer